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Marie Hines

Monday, November 21st, 2011


A sure sign of talent is when a young woman with nothing but herself and a piano holds a musically spoiled audience spellbound for over an hour.

This feat was accomplished by singer/songwriter Marie Hines at a benefit concert for Musician’s Corner at 3rd & Lindsley’s, Nashville on 26 June, 2011.


There are plenty of female musicians in the world, who can sing and play the piano. However, that evening in Nashville, it was Marie’s gifts as a performer and lyricist that really got my attention. Reasons a-plenty to interview her for my weekly radio show, ConneKXions.


One of Marie’s songs on her debut album “Worth the fight” is titled “Beauty”. In the interview she talks about her passion for women’s acceptance of their own bodies as being truly beautiful. She also talks about her life journey as an evolving songwriter and her great admiration for Billie Holiday.

Listen here:
Interview Marie Hines KX Radio ConneKXions


Marie is currently busy writing a new EP, and hopes to be able to present her music to the world by doing a series of intimate concerts based around her vocals, piano and a string quartet.

For more information about Marie and her wonderful music, please visit:

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