Word Songs

Water flows in floods and streams
in raindrops and dreams
through mountain vales 
and meadows bright
into the seas 
and lakes of light

Every soul needs to dream
be quiet with the sleepy earth
so there can be a birth
of a new season

~ Simone Walraven ~
Tennessee, 29 October 2011

Songbird of unknown plumage
Awaken my mind from your leafy perch
Sounds reflecting, words inflecting
In a green, forest pool

“The mind apparently never ages,”
Sings the wisdom bird
“Yet human thought lingers in cages
In pursuit of comfort
Where naught is stirred

Curious captives!

Be at peace
The world will keep turning
For as long as you need
To be done with your learning

Allow the wind to rustle your feathers
Blow out the dust and parasites
Swoop grand valleys and conquer heights
Open your mind to the great unknown
Where you will find that your Elders are stone.”

Diving bird into deepest blue
An ocean of sky
With a lilac hue
My conscience balanced on a cloud

~ Simone Walraven ~
Tennessee, 9 August 2011