I walked into a store in Miami the other day, together with a friend.
As soon as we were inside, the fire alarm went off, so we hurried out again.
We decided to go have a bite to eat first and then return to the store afterwards.

When we re-entered the shop a little later, a tall man walked in right behind us. He spoke loudly in a deep, melodic voice:
“Well, shit man! They told us that a fuckin’ blizzard was comin’ to Miami! Can you fuckin’ believe that?”

The store clerk behind the check-out counter froze with dismay, while she spoke in a disapproving tone: “We don’t use language like that here.”

“What?!?” The man stopped in his tracks and exclaimed: “You don’t say blizzard?!?”

Everybody in the store cracked up laughing.
Whoever you are, you made my day.
(The guy – that is).

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