Life on the 45th Parallel

I am a nomad, just like hundreds of thousands of other humans on this planet. I do not have a permanent home, and I do not take vacations. I work as a creative artist — writing, filming, painting, running an independent music label and occasionally hosting an rtv show or business event.

Yes, of course there is worry. About money. About the next place to stay. However, worry existed when I had a “steady job” too.

For a long time, people like me were called “hippies” or “vagabonds”, insinuating that a nomadic lifestyle somehow equals being irresponsible or undisciplined. On the contrary: in my experience, you have to be incredibly well organized to lead a professional life on the road.

Sociologists invented the term “New Nomads” for spoiled brats like me, whose professional lives depend on digital communication systems while exploring the world. Finally — I belong!!

One thing is for sure: Nomadism keeps you on your toes. You have to continuously open your mind to new perspectives. You can’t get stuck in your ways. You have to abandon certain ideas of comfort. All of this helps to keep you growing, one day at a time.

Recently I visited an old, rustic fishing village in North America. The tiny town sits on the 45th parallel, which marks the exact halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole.

The scent of freshly smoked fish delighted my spirit and transported me to bygone times. Suddenly a tiny sign on the door of a weathered, wooden shack caught my eye.

It read: “Today”.

45th Parallel

When you think about it, everyone is a nomad — even those who live in one place their life long. Life is short and we are in transit around our local star, the Sun, all the time.

So let’s make the most of Today and give some Love.

Oops — maybe a hippie after all?


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