Talk — there is a lot of it in our modern world. Seven billion people and counting, and most of us talk. So let me add a little more.

As a radio host and reporter, I talk for a living. I like to talk about music, Life, art, history, language, our extraordinary Earth, human experience, space exploration, raising chickens, old maps, clean technology, bio-dynamic farming, as well as the culture and wisdom from ancient civilizations that you don’t hear about in school.

Despite the fact that I was born in an extremely violent century and humanity’s brutal, destructive, stupid and conformist temperament is being displayed to us on a daily basis — I still have this huge conviction that we can exist differently on this planet.

yin yang

My experience has shown me that every single individual is born with some kind of talent and that a tragic wastefulness is happening all over the world in the field of recognizing and appreciating these talents. As an example, I believe that women and men are completely equal and complementary to each other and that there will be no healthy society anywhere until this balance is restored.

I also believe that you, dear Reader, are able to contribute to a balanced society for the future, because it all begins with you appreciating your Self, your Life, your Opportunities, and your wild and wondrous Earth.

With Love,

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